I have a crack in my windshield, is it illegal to still drive?

If the crack is anywhere near the driver’s line of sight, it is illegal to drive the vehicle.

Another thing to consider is that a broken windshield compromises the strength of your vehicle especially in an accident or crash.


What is the cost to repair my windshield?

Contact us to receive a free quote by calling us or filling out our form here. In most cases insurance will cover a certain number of repairs per year.


Will my insurance cover my broken windshield?

If you have comprehensive coverage, your insurance will pay to repair or replace your windshield. They also cover other pieces of glass on your vehicle such as the door, side or back. The only cost to you is your deductible (some restrictions apply).


Do I have to wait to drive my vehicle after getting a new windshield?

Windshield replacements can often take 60 minutes and we recommend that you do not drive for 1-2 hours after completion to allow the adhesive to cure.

Windshield repairs can be performed in under 30-60 minutes. After the repair is complete there is no wait time, you can drive immediately.


Do I pay a deductible for windshield repair?

In these two instances, you will likely not have to pay a deductible to have your windshield repaired:

  • You have comprehensive coverage and have windshield damage that your policy covers.
  • Your windshield can be repaired safely rather than replaced.


Should I Repair a Windshield Chip?

Definitely! If a dollar Loonie can cover the chip or crack, it is typically safe to repair. Repairing a chip is much cheaper and less work than replacing the entire windshield.

We can repair smaller chips and cracks for a reasonable fee or in most cases the repair is covered by your insurance saving you money.


What Sets Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) Apart?

OEM windshields were assembled then incorporated into your vehicle’s structure by the vehicle’s original manufacturer. OEE windshields are aftermarket parts of equal or almost equal quality that are sold by third-party vendors.


When Is It Time To Repair Auto Glass Damage And Replace A Windshield?

The windshield in your vehicle is important to the structural integrity in the case of an accident or a roll over. If your windshield has minor damage, including cracks, chips, or hairline fractures, you should get it repaired. If cracks or chips are larger than three inches chances are the inner layer of glass has also been compromised and the windshield should be replaced.


What Is Involved In A Windshield Repair?

When you bring your vehicle to Solo Glass, we prep your windshield, clean it and apply glass resin to fill the cracks and fractures. Then the resin is left to cure and any excess is removed.


When Can I Schedule An Appointment To Have My Windshield Repaired?

Call us, email us or use book and appointment here.


My Vehicle Was Smashed Into And Now I Have A Broken Side Window. What Do I Need To Do?

First, document the scene and note any missing property. Next, gather all of your pertinent auto information – car insurance, registration, and driver’s license – and file a police report. Finally, file an insurance claim, depending on your coverage, and call us, email us or book an appointment here. We can help you with this process of filing an ICBC claim, clean up the debris and cover with a sealed wrap till repair can be done at your convenience.


Since the Rearview Mirror Is Attached To the Windshield, Will It Be Re-Affixed To the New Windshield Afterwards?

Yes. Your rearview mirror will be removed for service and then reattached to your new windshield by our skilled technicians.


Is It Possible To Have More Than One Impact Repaired?

Most insurance policies coverage up to 3 repairs on one windshield.  Generally, if a dollar loonie can cover the chip or crack, it can be easily fixed. Whenever you sustain damage to your vehicle, you should consult one of our technicians to see if any repairs are possible.